Sun Park Living is a unique way to enjoy new experiences.

It is very different to a typical hotel holiday, or to renting a villa or house abroad.

The best way to find out whether the experience is right for you is to join us on a Taster Stay – a one, two or any number of weeks holiday where you get a chance to try it all for yourself.

Come with an Open Mind

You won’t have experienced anything like Sun Park Living before! But if you arrive with an open mind ready to embrace everything that’s on offer, we’re sure you’ll love it. Cast aside any preconceived ideas and past holiday memories and you’ll find the entire experience to be truly addictive!

Think Social!

The community is at the heart of Sun Park Living. Regular hotel holidays can find you feeling a little isolated (and the same is even truer when you rent a private villa).

But at Sun Park Living, meeting new people and sharing stories and experiences is guaranteed to lead to an experience you won’t forget.

Think Active!

Sun Park Living is designed to be your home-from-home in Lanzarote. Just like home, if there’s something you want you to have the power and the opportunity to make it happen.

Whether it’s joining an existing interest group or activity (there are many, from walking clubs and book clubs to quizzes, barbeques, film nights and more) or even starting your own, making things happen is the key to happiness.

When would you like to visit?

We can write a million words to explain what life at Sun Park Living is all about – but really the best way to find out for yourself is to book a Taster Stay and come and experience it. More than 75% of those who stay for a couple of weeks end up returning either on a permanent basis or as regular repeat visitors. We’re sure you will too!

Arriving at Sun Park

Once you arrive your apartment will be ready and you’ll be welcomed into our fabulous community!


There’s so much to explore at Sun Park Living, from activities to new friendships! If the idea of a long stay with us, or indefinitely having your own home-from-home abroad without breaking your ties back home, resonates with you, then why not start by downloading our free brochure?

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