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If you have any queries before booking your Long Term Stay or if you have any special requirements such as wheelchair access, please send an email to and we’ll be delighted to answer all your questions. Alternatively, you can always check our FAQs.

And remember, you can always leave your suitcase behind, in our free storage, allowing you to fly back home in true VIP style, whilst saving time, effort and money taking your cases back and forth; after all, it is likely you'll be wearing roughly the same items whilst you are here, so there is no need to 'tour' your case around unless you really want to.

With regards to fligths and transfers, please note we don't get involved, however, we can advise you as follows. If you need assistance booking flights or transfers, you may speak to our UK travel partner, as they can organise a package holiday for you, alternatively, if you wish to save money, you may want to run a search directly on flight rate comparisons websites such as or; often if you buy a one-way ticket to fly out and another one-way ticket to return you may save money. And If you have never been to Lanzarote and require a shuttle service, please note there are two very good small-bus services run by, and, they are the most flexible and affordable ones amongst all airport/hotel pickup/drop off services in the island, costing around 10-20EUR/ride to Playa Blanca, for a 30-45minutes door to door service (with a maximum of 3 stops), alternatively there´s a similar offer from for around 16EUR for a large bus, which might take longer, so please check the most suitable one for you. The local bus is also an option, although there´s no direct service and would have to stop over at Puerto del Carmen. You may also take the local bus #61, which costs 3.25EUR per person per journey, it stops everywhere, it takes 1.5-2 hours, and it´ll drop you at the bus station in Playa Blanca, which is only  10 minutes walking distance from us (you may take a second local bus from the station, bus #30, which will drop you right outside Sun Park Living, saving you having to walk with your cases). You may choose to drive down by renting a car for the day, roughly around 25-30EUR for the day. And lastly, the taxi option, with a 30-45minute journey, costing 45-50EUR.


For further information on how to book and what to expect please contact us on +44 (0)161 408 3360 where any of our agents will be happy to assist you.

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