Coffee Shop

The best meeting point

Every great community needs somewhere to get together, and our Community is spoiled for choice! A popular spot to meet and socialise is the coffee shop in our lounge area.

Serving teas, coffees, cold drinks and snacks; and with a terrace offering views across the complex, it’s a great place to chat with friends, make plans and while away the hours.

Social Fridays

The coffee shop is also the focal point for our popular Social Fridays, where residents, would-be residents, and the local community gather for a few hours each week.

Sun Park Supermarket

Get your favourite brands

Playa Blanca has a wealth of shops to visit, from trinket sellers and tourist shops to jewellery, electrical stores, supermarkets and more.

But if you just need to stock up on a few essentials, we’re delighted to host “A Little Bit Bazar” – a British supermarket that stocks all your favourite brands, from teas and coffees to everyday essentials like bread, bacon, biscuits, cleaning products and more to maker your favourite meals.

The entrance to the shop is immediately adjacent to our own security gate, ensuring that Sun Park Living remains private whilst giving you maximum convenience, and they even offer direct online ordering via their website!


Beautiful gardens everywhere!

Sun Park Living is a beautiful resort with picturesque gardens, shaded walkways and tempting swimming pools.

All apartments enjoy sunshine virtually all day, with no adjacent buildings to restrict the sun or the views. They all overlook the gardens and pools and most ground floor apartments have the added bonus of a small front garden and additional space at the back, where you can have your own shed or private sitting area for extra space to relax in.

Residents can take advantage of a wide range of facilities and amenities, including BBQ area, Community bar, Complimentary basic Wi-Fi in public areas, In-House UK TV and Movie Channels, Lounge reading area, Mini Golf, Pools and Gardens and Tennis Court.

Plus we have a fantastic range of activities for mind and body provided on site by some of our Lanzarote friends, including Expat Community Café, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Art Classes and Massage and Aromatherapy.

Free Storage

Cheap flights to Lanzarote are one of the great bonuses of coming to this beautiful island, and of making Sun Park Living your home from home.

But with cheap airline seats come higher prices for extras like luggage. And of course, travelling back and forth armed with suitcases isn’t exactly fun!

At Sun Park Living we remove that problem altogether. Our free, secure, on-site long-term storage facility means that once you’ve stocked up on all the things you need to make your home here your own (from beach clothes to furniture!) you can simply leave them here, ready to put back in your apartment the next time you visit.

The storage facility is managed by the community, for the community.

Leaving your Lanzarote possessions locked away means you can travel in comfort and avoid the queues! Just grab your hand luggage and set off, knowing everything you need to make your stay perfect is waiting here for you on your arrival.

The Mix Radio Show

Sun Park Living is proud to provide a permanent home for the fantastic Lanzarote Mix radio show.

Shows are recorded in the purpose-built studio each week, covering a huge range of topics from local events to current affairs. So far over 120 guests (including residents and members of the Sun Park Living team) have appeared on the show.

The Mix has been a big supporter of Sun Park Living and regularly promotes events held in the resort as well as across the island. You can listen live on their website, or contact them via their Facebook page.

Treatments at Sun Park Living

Life at Sun Park Living is all about finding balance and being well. We have a number of friends who can help you, whether you’re looking for inner peace or a few inches less around the tummy!

Fit & Relaxed

Stefanie Stieff is a regular visitor to Sun Park Living! She offers a wide range of physical well-being courses, including yoga, pilates, and aquaerobics (in our large and picturesque pools!).

Whether you want to ‘get in shape’, lose weight, or just relax body and mind, Stef can offer a class to suit your needs.

For more information and to contact Stef, you can view her Facebook page here.

Physio & Massage

Kathrin Gemm is a professionally qualified ‘physiotherapist and massagist’, offering services such as classical physiotherapy, Voijta therapy, full body and partial massage and hot stone treatments.

Kathrin operates all over the island and will come to Sun Park Living by appointment on request.

You can contact Kathrin for more information by visiting

Holistic Therapies

Suzie Carman (MGHT) is a fully qualified, registered and insured Holistic Therapist. She has certificates in many different forms of Massage, as well as Reiki, NLP Hypnosis, Fitness Management, Anatomy & Physiology and Diet & Nutrition.

All the therapies she offers promote overall well-being and good health. She also offers programmes for weight loss and to stop smoking. Suzie is at Sun Park Living on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Book your stay

Sun Park really does have everything you could want to enjoy Great Life After Work, so why not check availability and book your visit today?

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