Sailboat to Grenada – an Inspiring Adventure!

This weekend we spoke to another inspiring individual, James.

james muggoch will sail the atlantic single-handedJames isn’t actually a Sun Park Living resident, but he was visiting us to speak to our good friends on The Mix Radio Show and we grabbed a few moments of his time to talk about the extraordinary adventure he’s about to embark on.

You see, 66-year-old Londoner James will set off from Lanzarote on 1st February to sail single-handed across the Atlantic in a 27-foot sailing boat.

Now that’s a feat in itself!

But the reason behind James’ epic voyage is even greater. James has a life-long affinity with boats and the sea, and he has personally raised the funds to purchase “Annie”. His goal, having sailed her more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, is to donate her to the Grand Anse Sea Scouts – giving young Grenadians the opportunity to learn vital skills that will equip them for a career in the local sailing industry.

james2“This all started as a bit of a joke” admits James. “I came up with the idea, and naturally my wife told me I was crazy – so I put it on a back burner.

“However, one evening at dinner with friends (including a few people with connections to the Grenadian Great Anse Sea Scouts) she changed her mind. Doing so in public, with witnesses, meant that suddenly the idea became very real!

“Within a few days I’d been introduced to the Grenadian High Commissioner … I soon realised that what started as a light-hearted joke was actually going to happen!”

james1Two years of planning, fundraising and promoting the expedition followed, and now the day has finally come when James will set off on perhaps his greatest adventure (although when you consider that James has been, variously, a time and motion engineer, theatrical agent, lorry driver, pop group manager, antiques dealer, and gained a diploma in Film Directing from the London Film Academy you’ll realise it might be hard to pick a single ‘greatest moment’!!).

James’ expedition epitomises everything that Sun Park Living and the Sun Rock Foundation stand for. It’s an act of selfless charity that will take both mental and physical determination to complete … and it’s a million miles from the stereotypical retirement activity that has plagued aging Britons for so long.

james3James is proving that there can be so much more to life after full-time employment – and for that we salute him, and wish him all the very best on his incredible adventure.

We’ll catch up with James when he returns in approximately 6 weeks (winds permitting) and in the meantime you can discover more about his cause at his website, or even track his progress live via GPS here!
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