Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End of Who You Are

Retirement Doesn’t Mean the End of Who You Are

People reach the time to retire from their careers at different points in life, but no matter what age you

are, when it happens the feelings always seem to be the same. When that first morning rolls around

where you do not have to get up early to go to the office or to work it may feel great to you, but as the

day and the days and weeks wear on you may start to feel a little bit lost and out of place. All of a

sudden you feel without an identity and purpose each day, which can lead you to feeling depressed.

Instead of allowing this to happen to yourself, you need to come to the realisation that retirement does

not have to mean it is the end of who you are and what you do; it can be just the beginning of a new

adventure for you.

Finally Have the Time and Freedom

Instead of looking as retirement as the end of something for you, you want to look at it as the start of

new-found freedom. You will finally have the time that you may not have had for thirty years or more to

do some of things you have always loved or always wanted to try. This can be everything from taking the

time to dive deeper into hobbies you have like painting or writing, taking a more active interest in sports

like tennis, golf or biking or even learning a new talent like playing an instrument or learning a new

language. The options and opportunities are practically limitless to you; you need to have the

motivation to see this as your chance to shine and enjoy life more than you have given yourself the

chance to in recent years.

Surround Yourself with Others

In order to avoid falling into the trap that retirement can bring for many people, a good step for you to

take can be to surround yourself with others that identify themselves the same way that you do. A

community of people that are all over the age of fifty that are looking for the chance to make the most

out of their lives can be just what you want to be part of. This can help to introduce you to new people

and new opportunities and allow you to stay active and involved.

With the right approach retirement can be just what it is really designed to be – a time for you to relax,

have fun and rediscover a part of your life that may have gotten lost along the way because of your

career. You can find that there is much more to who you are as a person beyond what you did for a

living for all of those years. Let you retirement be the first step towards renewing your life and

reinvigorating your spirit so you can learn, grow, socialise and find happiness around each and every


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