Resident Interview – Jim

JimLike many people who come to stay at Sun Park Living, Jim discovered the resort through word of mouth.

He first visited in April 2015 for a two week Taster Visit, and based on a great first impression he booked there and then for a 10-week stay between January and March 2016.

Now, just a few weeks into that stay, he’s booked to extend his time here by another five weeks!

“Being at Sun Park Living is like being on holiday every single day” says Jim. “You can do as much or as little as you want to, and the community is so warm and welcoming you feel instantly at home.”

As is often the case, Jim leaves behind a very busy and vibrant life in the UK; but he finds that he can pick up most of his interests here in Lanzarote, too.

“I’ve always been a keen dancer. I enjoy ballroom dancing in particular … and I also play cards a lot ‘back home’.

20160113_112243“At Sun Park Living we have several dancing groups, including formation dancing, and they’re all very popular. People bring in their own music, and there’s usually someone to lead the group and help those with less experience. Formation dancing is great because everyone dances the same ‘routine’ – so if you get lost you just follow the person in front of you!”

“We also hold regular cards sessions, playing whist and canasta three or four times a week. It’s always interesting because people from different places are used to different sets of rules – so we have to try to get everyone playing the same version of the game!”

20131229-_DSC0124So, would Jim recommend Sun Park Living to friends and family?
“Well, my daughter has actually just been over to visit me. She just qualifies for ‘over 50’ status! My other daughter is in her 40s, so when they come out together they’ll stay in one of the hotels nearby and come to Sun Park Living during the days to enjoy the atmosphere and events.

I’d certainly tell others about the place, yes. If you’re prepared to get involved in the community lifestyle then it’s really a wonderful place to be.”

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