Sun Park Hotel & Residences


Medical Conditions – I have a medical condition: is Sun Park Living for me?

Generally speaking, yes! Many of our residents come to Sun Park Living because the warm climate eases the symptoms of conditions like MS and arthritis.

However, it’s important to note that whilst the Sun Rockers community is caring and supportive, and always ready to help in an emergency, all residents are expected to be generally independent and able to take care of their own needs.

If in doubt, consider whether you feel you would be able to give as much to the community as you take from it – or contact us for more information.

Location – Exactly where is Sun Park Living?

Sun Park Living is situated in the picturesque and popular harbour resort of Playa Blanca, at the southern tip of the island of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is the eastern-most of the Canary Islands (an independent province of Spain) and we are approximately 70 miles off the coast of West Africa (the Saharan winds bring us much of our lovely weather).

Whilst that might sound a little remote, we’re only a four-hour flight from most major UK airports, and there are daily flights to and from ‘home’.

Arriving at Sun Park Living – What happens?

Before your arrival date, you will receive an email from us (or a text message, if you prefer) giving you two very important codes. The first is the code to the security gate that will allow you to enter Sun Park Living. The second code will allow you to access the deposit box in the reception area which holds your apartment key. It is very important that you have this email or text to hand when you arrive at Sun Park Living.

If you do not receive this information before your departure, PLEASE CONTACT US! Depending on your time of arrival there might not be anyone in the reception area to open the gate for you, or to help you access your apartment keys.

When you arrive, simply let yourself in through the gate (which is to the left of the main glass doors, next to the supermarket) and collect your key from the deposit box in receptions. Apartments are well sign-posted around the resort. Once you’ve found your apartment and taken a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea, it’s time to start making new friends!

Printing – Can I print boarding passes and other documents at the resort?

There is a community-owned large-screen tablet in the coffee shop area connected to a printer. The tablet can be used to surf the Internet and is available free of charge.


usbadaptorShould you wish to print boarding passes from your own laptop, tablet or phone, this is permitted. However, please note that you will need a USB adaptor to connect your device to the printer. The image here shows an example. The small ‘male’ connector (at the top of the picture) should be suitable to attach to your device – it is the standard sized ‘female’ adaptor that will connect to the printer cable and allow you to print.


Please note that whilst printing is available, all printer resources are purchased by the community, so we would ask you to use this facility sparingly.

Smoking Policy – Do you have a smoking policy?

Yes we do.

In the interest of public health, and in compliance with the Spanish Anti Tobacco Law (Ley Anti Tabaco 42/2010, de 30 de diciembre de 2010) published on the 2nd January 2011, the Ministry of Health prohibits the smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco products in enclosed public areas. As a result of this and our commitment to the comfort and good health of all our guests, smoking in any enclosed area of Sun Park Living is absolutely prohibited. This includes all apartments. Furthermore, it is prohibited to smoke in the immediate vicinity of any enclosed area in order to prevent smoke from entering. This includes all apartment terraces and back garden areas.

Smoking is permitted only on the coffee shop terrace. However, in accordance with the healthy and active lifestyle promoted by Sun Park Living, we would ask residents to consider the well-being and wishes of their neighbours at all times, and to refrain from smoking if an objection is raised. Guests failing to comply with this policy will be liable to a fine of between 601€ to 10,000€, following the aforementioned anti tobacco law, will be asked to end their stay and will not be able to return to the resort. Apartments that, upon departure, show any evidence of smoke, cigarettes and other tobacco products, will be liable to an additional compulsory departure cleaning fee of 150€ towards dry cleaning and disinfection of the apartment, to be deducted directly from the guest’s booking deposit.

The use of ‘electronic cigarettes’ is permitted throughout Sun Park Living. However as with all activities we would ask guests to act respectfully and with consideration toward their fellow residents.

Single Travellers – I’m travelling alone: is Sun Park Living for me?

Absolutely! The community spirit that fills Sun Park Living ensures that whether you come as a couple or alone, you’ll be made to feel completely at home and among friends!

Shops – Can I buy everything I need in Playa Blanca?

Absolutely! For all your daily essentials we have our very own Sun Park Supermarket (hosted by the lovely people at A Little Bit Bazar). Just a short walk from Sun Park Living you’ll find a range of ‘tourist’ shops and larger supermarkets – and should the need arise there is a large ‘fereteria’ (hardware store) just a two minute drive away which sells everything from tools to furniture and decorations – everything you need to make your apartment your own.

Satellite TV – Can I get satellite TV in the resort?

As standard you can receive, on a complimentary basis, all the ‘basic’ UK TV channels, including Sky News, BBC World News, BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 and Film Four+1 ; as well as ‘basic’ German TV channels, including ZDF and RTL, and international channels such as CNN, EuroSport and Discovery Max.

Some of our long term residents have chosen to upgrade their apartment’s internet service – which allows them not only to enjoy super fast ‘surfing’ but also to access the huge range of TV stations available via the Internet.

Property – Is Sun Park Living an alternative to buying a property?

We think so. Some Sun Rockers who have chosen a long stay at Sun Park Living have found that they have all the advantages of having their own home, without the downside of having to buy it and the cost and the responsibilities associated with owning a property.

Pets – Are pets allowed?

Subject to approval and only small pets (under 5kg/60cm) with strictly good etiquette. Please contact us for further details.

Furthermore, it would also be much dependent on the ability of residents to look after that pet. If residents are unable to meet these requirements, a pet should not be permitted.

Please Note: You may often see cats around Sun Park Living. THESE ARE NOT PETS. They are local feral cats who come to the resort looking for food. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you feed the cats on site – this will lead to more and more cats coming in which may cause a health hazard to you and your fellow residents. Should you wish to feed the cats, please go to the nearest feeding station near the beach or call the local animal protection organisation and make a donation on their behalf, so they can take care of them and even find them a suitable home.

Maintenance – What happens if something goes wrong in my apartment, or I notice a maintenance issue?

Should you need to bring any housekeeping and/or maintenance matter to our attention, please email You’ll be directed to fill out a brief online form detailing the situation, and this will be sent direct to our on-site maintenance team to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For emergencies only please call +44 0161 408 3360.

Internet – Can I access the Internet?

As standard you can receive a complimentary ‘basic’ Wi-Fi Internet service, which is perfectly adequate for daily usage to all residents, yet limited for movie and video downloads. Those expecting to heavily use the Internet during their stay may want to consider purchasing a local dongle to upgrade their apartment’s Internet service. Sun Park Living’s Wi-Fi Internet service covers all of the communal areas and apartments. Fibre optic has not yet arrived to these shores, so we rely on ADSL, up until our broadband service provider is able to upgrade this service with a view to bringing full high speed Internet to all corners of the Island.

Heated Pools – Are the swimming pools heated?

The pools are naturally heated by the sun. Many find the temperature refreshing. Those wishing to enjoy a heated pool with swimming lanes, can take advantage of the offer negotiated by the community with the Hesperia Dorada (Heated Pool, Jacuzzi, Gym & SPA) down the road (5 min walk).

Flights – How do I arrange my flights?

It’s very easy!

If you need assistance booking flights or transfers, please note we can recommend you run a search directly on, which usually has very affordable rates, or on or for flight rate comparisons and availability.

See our Getting Here page for more information.

Doctors – What about medical facilities and treatment?

In Playa Blanca and throughout Lanzarote there are excellent medical facilities and professionals, which you can access either under your private medical / travel insurance or the national health service with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). We recommend that you have both the EHIC and a travel insurance which covers any special needs that you may have.

For further information on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) follow this link.

Directions – How do I get from the airport to Sun Park Living?

It’s very easy!

If you have never been to Lanzarote and require a shuttle service, please note there are two very good small-bus services run by, and, going by all Sun Rockers’ feedback, they are the most flexible and affordable ones amongst all airport/hotel pickup/drop off services in the island, you can book them directly online, both cost around 10-20EUR per person per ride to Playa Blanca, for a 30-45minutes door to door service (with a maximum of 3 stops), alternatively there´s a similar offer from for around 16EUR for a large bus, which might take much longer as they stop in every hotel, so please check the most suitable one for you.

The local bus is also an option, although there´s no direct service and would have to stop over at Puerto del Carmen. You may also take the local bus #61, which costs 3.25EUR per person per journey, it stops everywhere, it takes 1.5-2 hours, and it´ll drop you at the bus station in Playa Blanca, which is only  10 minutes walking distance from us (you may take a second local bus from the station, bus #30, which will drop you right outside Sun Park Living, saving you having to walk with your cases).

You may choose to drive down by renting a car for the day, roughly around 25-30EUR for the day.

And lastly, the taxi option, with a 30-45minute journey, costing 45-50EUR.

For directions please see our Getting Here page for more information.

Clubs & Interest Groups – What’s happening at Sun Park Living?

There are a great number of community-led clubs and groups already active at Sun Park Living. From walking groups to book clubs, movie nights, entertainment, exercise classes and more. Joining a group is one of the quickest ways to meet new people and become a part of the Sun Park Living community.

If there’s something you love to do that isn’t already happening here, then starting a group is simple! Just add a notice to the Community Notice Board in the reception area explaining what you’d like to do and inviting people to join you. New groups are springing up all the time – maybe yours could be next!

Apartments – are they really a home-from-home?

The short answer is yes! Unlike staying almost anywhere else, at Sun Park Living you are actively encouraged to make your apartment your own. There are, of course, a couple of common-sense guidelines that we ask you to abide by.

Firstly, please ensure that any changes you make are in keeping with the overall feel of Sun Park Living. Garden decorations and other additions that can be seen from common areas should add something positive to the environment around you.

Secondly, for any changes that might impact structurally, or upon the consumption of utilities (bigger TV, upgraded Internet, new appliances etc) please consult our on-site maintenance team (see “Maintenance” below) before having any work done. Our team can usually advise you on the best solution, and will be able to recommend authorised contractors to carry out works where necessary. If in doubt, please check first.