Considering a New Life in the Sun? What Will You Do With Your Time?

Whether you’ve spent the last few decades in full time work, raising a family, or even both, starting a new life at age 50 can be an exciting opportunity … and a little scary!

Every year, more and more active, independent over 50s make Sun Park Living their home from home – some for a few months of the year, and some on a permanent basis.

But setting out on a new life can be a bit of a shock to the system. In particular, finding that you actually have time for yourself you can suddenly wonder how you’re going to occupy that time!

Well, here are our top five time fillers in Lanzarote.

Not only are these some great ways to occupy the time that you once spent in the office, or on school runs, but they’re also social … giving you a great choice of ways to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy life to the full!

Sports and Fitness

lanzarote triathalonLanzarote is famed throughout the world for some of its sporting events. The renowned Ironman competition, which sees competitors take on a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle race and then a full 26.2 mile marathon, sees competitors from across the globe descending on the island each year.

But you don’t have to be at that level of fitness to get the benefits of exercise here! Lanzarote boasts incredibly scenic walking and cycling routes with breath-taking volcanic backdrops, and of course you’re never far from the ocean if you fancy a swim! Plus, the island plays host to numerous health and fitness clubs, from tennis to tai-chi.

Whatever you want to do to keep physically active, you’ll find it here!

Arts and Crafts

stonesThe Lanzarote landscape provides equal inspiration for creativity as it does for physical exercise. Cesar Manrique is one of the island’s most famous sons and his work can be seen displayed throughout Lanzarote – but there are hundreds of artisans here practicing everything from painting and sculpture to rock balancing (it’s amazing!).

There are regular art groups right here in Sun Park Living too, organised and lead by the community – so whether you’re rekindling an old talent or exploring new interests you’ll never be short of inspiration or company!

Food and Drink

enjoying tapas at a local restaurantThe Spanish certainly love their food! Playa Blanca is home to some fantastic restaurants serving traditional food from around the world (you can even get a good English breakfast!). But if you don’t try out the local cuisine you’ll be missing out on something special.

Canarian potatoes are the local delicacy, and any one of the ‘tapas’ bars will serve a mouthwatering choice of seafood and other assortments.

And of course Lanzarote is famous for its delicious (and very inexpensive) wines. Grown in the volcanic soil in the centre of the island they’re some of the best you’ll try. A trip to a local bodega (vinyard) is highly recommended.

And when it comes to food, don’t expect to rush things. It’s quite normal to spend 3 hours or more over lunch, so take the chance to indulge and get to know people!


There are numerous opportunities to volunteer on the island – a great way to stay active, meet people, and give a little something back. From animal rescue charities to local schools and clubs, giving time and expertise is always appreciated.

The Sun Rockers Community

community-groupLast but not least, our very own community of active, independent over 50s is one of the best ways to fill your time! From social events like quizzes and movie nights to trips around the island, shopping expeditions, clubs and societies, there’s an endless number of ways to get involved.

Whether you just want to indulge in ‘what’s on’ or you’re interested in starting a new group based on your own interests, it really couldn’t be simpler!
Lanzarote, and Sun Park Living, is the perfect place to set out on your next life adventure. The wonderful year-round climate coupled with the inspiring people and the awesome landscape makes it a place that will give the next chapter of your life a whole new meaning.

What not come and experience it for yourself?!


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