Sun Park Hotel & Residences

The Sun Rock Foundation

The reach of the Sun Rocker Community extends far beyond the walls of Sun Park Living.

Activities throughout the Canary Islands and the UK bring Sun Rockers together to keep the community spirit alive even ‘off-campus’.

Much of this activity is supported by the Sun Rock Foundation, which was formed with the intention to:

“inspire and promote a fulfilling active retirement and generate a self-perpetuating community spirit by promoting an ethos of generosity, trust, warmth and friendship, affording a positive approach to ageing/retirement, enabling a way of life that nourishes the mind, body and spirit and nurtures personal growth and self-reliance, through community support”

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The Foundation works with Summers Villages and Sun Park Lanzarote and The SunRockers’ Community to bring the guests and residents the full benefit of an active life-after-after-work*.

‘Bank Days’ enable guests who are forced to cut short their stay unexpectedly and due to unforeseen circumstances, to add those ‘lost’ days onto a future visit – meaning time paid for is always yours to enjoy.

Guests also have the option to amend their bookings prior to arrival with no administration charge – a benefit you won’t find offered elsewhere!

There’s even a Sponsored Stay Programme, which allows would-be Sun Rockers who for some reason might be unable to fund a visit to enjoy a part-paid stay at Sun Park Living.

And of course, thanks in part to the support of the Sun Rock Foundation, Summers Villages and Sun Park Living, are able to offer affordable stay – which makes taking an apartment on a long-term basis incredibly cost-effective even for solo travellers.

The SUN ROCK Foundation, PO Box 344 Mont Crevelt House St Sampson Guernsey GY1 3US

*Terms and Conditions apply to all benefits listed. Please contact us if you have a query.